East Midlands Flightpath UFO Mystery Continues

Thursday 31st July 2008

Here on Compare Airport Parking we have reported on UFO sightings near airports for you and it seems that East Midlands Airport is still the target of unexplained phenomenon. Large numbers of UFO's have been spotted so far in 2008 making this year a significant time for UFO hunters and investigators.

sourced from www.sxc.hu

So far the region has seen approximately 30 sightings and appear to predominantly take the form of triangles and according to Derby's Phenomenon Research Association several people living along the flightpath of East Midlands Airport have reported seeing UFO's. Although by no means concrete evidence of genuine UFO's it is fair to say that people living along the path of East Midlands Airport should be used to seeing commercial aircraft and should be able to spot the difference between a UFO and an commercial airliner.

The UFO's that have been spotted on the East Midlands Airport fligthpath have often taken the form of large objects with smaller ones following them according to witness reports. This itself tends to rule out commercial aircraft as they would not have other aircraft following them so closely.

There can be no denying that there is soemthing in the skies that people are seeing, be it human or alien hopefully the explanation can be uncovered soon.

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