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Friday 18th July 2008

This week has seen the bi-annual Farnborough Airshow in full swing with the proper air action beginning this weekend. Tens of thousands of spectators will flock to the show to see a range of commercial and military hardware in action, as well as retro aircraft such as the newly-restored Vulcan.

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The Vulcan is due to fly this weekend at Farnborough

This week the military have still made an appearance, the most notable of which was the F22 Raptor - Americas latest fighter aircraft. Security was tight around the aircraft with it not being opened for the public to have a look at and appearing to be far too secret to be even parked at the airshow. Its brief eight minute display however wowed the crowd as it flew a staggering display of turns and loops.

One element of the Farnborough Airshow that continued was the battle for the military contract to supply the US Air Force with a re-fuelling tanker aircraft with competition fierce between Airbus and Boeing. The contract was originally awarded to Airbus in February but a ruling has allowed Boeing another opportunity to try again with most Americans probably not at best pleased with a European aircraft being chosen over an American one to serve the US Air Force.

We at Compare Airport Parking will cover this weekends airshow but until then if you would like to see footage of the F-22 Raptor display then you can find it here.

Image used with kind permission of Anna Haworth

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