BA Hails Their 777 Crew

Wednesday 9th July 2008

British Airways have awarded their crew that were aboard a Boeing 777 that crashed just short of the airport runway at Heathrow Airport in January this year the BA Safety Medal.

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All three pilots and thirteen cabin crew have been awarded the Safety Medal that is for their professionalism - enabling all passengers to get off the aircraft with some suffering only minor injuries. Their actions avoided what could have been a much more serious incident.

The BA Boeing 777 had 136 passengers onboard and, with only a few moments to go on the flight, the aircraft suffered from a loss of power from the engines meaning that the pilots simply did not have enough thrust to make the runway. The resulting drop in height meant that the aircraft only just made it over the Heathrow Airport perimeter fence and crash landed at the start of the runway. The resultant force of the crash landing also tore some of the undercarriage away from the aircraft.

According to the airline the medal has only been awarded on three previous occasions and is given for exceptional achievements by an airline crew.

Image used with kind permission of kpmarek

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