Cardiff Airport UFO's Seemingly Explained

Wednesday 25th June 2008

Recently Compare Airport Parking reported on a UFO sighting near Cardiff Airport involving a police helicopter spotting an unusual object in the sky. As a follow up to the story we can now report that the sighting appears to have been explained.

It appears that the cause of the reports is due to lanterns that were launched at a wedding on the 8th of June in the Vale of Glamorgan. The story has spread like wildfire since the sighting was reported by the helicopter occupants. However due to the extensive media coverage Lucy and Lyn Thomas, who were on their honeymoon in Turkey, noticed the reports of the UFO sighting on the internet and realised that their wedding paper lanterns could have sparked the reports.

Paper lanterns such as this are a popular addition to concerts and weddings and cut an impressive figure in the sky as they glow and float gently - much like a real hot-air balloon.  They are constructed from simple materials and consist of a ball of wax that is lit much like a candle, with the paper balloon above held in place by string or thread. When the ball of wax is lit it creates hot air which fills the paper balloon and causes the lantern to lift. Once airbourne they look like a ball of light that is just suspended in the air and would look very unusual if you did not know what they were.

An investigation has been requested into the incident however with the developments recently it appears that it can now be explained.

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