Couple Drive On To Airport Runway By Mistake

Wednesday 28th May 2008

Two charity fundraisers have created a major security incident at Norwich Airport by driving their Volvo onto the airport runway by mistake!

Bridget and Pat Newman had a £10,000 cheque to hand to the air ambulance offices at Norwich Airport. Whilst looking for the building they decided to take a turning through a gate that was wide open onto a quiet, deserted and open slip road. However this slip road was not what it seemed, and was in fact the airport runway! They drove for a quarter of a mile before stopping the car as they came across a passenger jet!

The Metro spoke to the couple who admitted feeling "a bit guilty when I realised what an upset we'd caused – one of the security men said “that's another big report on its way." Another told us we'd been really lucky not to get hit by a plane and that was a bit scary." Mr. Newman, 63, said he would "like to blame his wifes map reading", however the gate was wide open leading to the runway.

The accident occured last Wednesday and has exposed a flaw in the security at Norwich Airport. The incident has confirmed claims by the BBC of lapse security at the airport, as its reporters were able to enter supposedly secure areas on two occasions. The Department For Transport have demanded an explanation for the second security incident.

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