Naomi Campbell Banned From British Airways Flights

Tuesday 8th April 2008

After we reported on Naomi Campbell being arrested for spitting in the face of a policeman at Heathrow Terminal Five we have learned that she has now been banned from any British Airways flights.

She is believed to be hoping for an amicable resolution to the ban with British Airways refusing to comment on the news. Campbell was arrested after spitting in the face of a police officer as she attempted to board a flight to Los Angeles. She was informed that a piece of luggage had been mislaid and it was suggested she took off without it at which point Campbell is said to have been abusive culminating in her spitting in the face of the police officer.

Naomi Campbell has been in trouble with the law before having to spend five days cleaning floors in New York after she was arrested and charged for throwing a BlackBerry mobile phone at her housekeeper during an argument about a pair of jeans. As a result of the charges she was also ordered to attend anger management classes.

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