UFO Firing Red Laser At The Ground Shrouded In Mystery

Thursday 13th November 2008

A UFO spotted last week by a mother and daughter firing a red beam at the ground continues to be shrouded in mystery.

Mother and daughter, Shellie and Betty Williams claim to have spotted the white light on the 6th of November hovering near Bristol Airport, whilst firing a red beam at the ground. The object is reported to have not been picked up on radar at Bristol International Airport, and Avon and Somerset Police did not receive any reports of unusual activity.

The incident was captured by the couple on video by using their mobile phones, and was very similar in description to a sighting by a young student nurse in Alcrington. She reported a white light firing a red beam towards the ground. This very interesting footage taken by the nurse was published by The Sun newspaper, and can be found here. Despite the distance between the two sightings they appear to be almost identical in their features.

Initial suspicion would tend to lean towards a helicopter, possibly scanning the ground for a criminal, however the red colour of the beam and the quick bursts of light do not appear to be in keeping with this theory. Any developments on this story will be covered here on Compare Airport Parking.

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