Compare and it's Carbon Neutral Status
allows you to search the main suppliers of UK airport parking, hotels and lounges on the web. In doing this we create a carbon footprint, created by the use of our office, our computers, our heating and even the lighting.

In an ever-increasingly eco-friendly world, Compare Airport Parking has achieved its target of offsetting its co2 emissions each year. The choice of an organisation that matches Compare's goals has been met in the form of who provide several UK and worldwide based co2 balance programmes. Whether your aim is to support UK or worldwide based projects it can all be found directly linked from the Compare Airport Parking website.

Supplying services such as airport parking or promoting air travel is often seen as an activity that encourages additional pollution to our environment, something that Compare are very much aware of. Due to this a solution has been developed allowing passengers the choice to offset their co2 emissions by supporting any of the chosen projects to be found on the website, be it UK based forestry projects or Kenyan and African energy conversion tasks. Of course, we also offset our impact on the environment. To aid our work, we chose to work in a building that had been designed to lessen its impact on the environment. The building has a large amount of glass to let in as much natural light as possible with white reflective surfaces to make as much use of the light as possible. The shape and construction promotes the circulation of air warmed by the inhabitants to lower heating charges, whilst being insulated to avoid high heating charges in the winter. Additionally, rain water is collected from around the building for storage then use in the toilets.

The remaining carbon footprint is offset with

Compare felt that the choice of was suitable due to the "additionality" that they operate, this can be best summarised as meaning that any project cannot have gone ahead unless there has been investment from carbon offset clients, and must also indicate new activities that are over and above a normal or regular scenario. This means that will only invest clients financial contributions when they are, at minimum, funded by 50% of carbon offset payments.

Below you will find a co2 emissions calculator that provides you with a tool to calculate the carbon emissions of your chosen journey and then give the option to balance this by supporting one of the worthwhile projects currently being undertaken by

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