About Us

Compare is a collection of sites based around the concept of trying to provide you with the best options for you travel requirements. This website is called Compare Airport Parking. A website dedicated into saving you as much money as you can whilst ensuring that you get the park park of your choice.

Compare currently has 3 sites of interest:-

  • Compare-airport-parking
  • Compare-airport-hotels
  • Compare-airport-lounges

Each of these websites are set up the same way to provide you with a easy to understand navigation and clutter free environment. We do not believe in adding cartoons or flashing lights. Each product is represented as fairly as we can possibly achieve, and each one links to the company offering the product for sale. Further additions to the family of sites will follow soon.

Each site has a range of suppliers and our prices match exactly what the sites have on them, in fact, when you come to book a hotel, or a parking space, we will show you what's on offer then transport you to that Companies own website. You will make a purchase direct through that company, no middle men. We are here to assist you, not take your money.

How does this work? Compare does not charge our customers commission. Instead we charge our suppliers commission. This works in two ways, we earn money and can continue to run our site and pay our team without charging our visitors, and the owners save money by selling products on a per sale cost rather than large marketing bills. They might also pay large marketing bills but that does not concern us.

We are also very conscious of the environment, and have been completely Carbon Neutral for 3 years. Compare selected the Co2balance company (Co2balance.com) to offset our carbon footprint. Read more

We compare the parking
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